Sam Baumel

My experience with XPLAI is one of those gifts that I do not always receive. The head of that respected company is one of the greatest and smartest guys I have ever known. His experience creating animation and deep scenes for videos was notable from the very first moment I spoke to him.

The head of XPLAI and his team, work in a very careful and smart way. They implement certain techniques and ideas that are very magnificent, open, and, elegant at the same time.

Our goal in this project was to represent complex concepts with images of animals in a very beautiful and clear way. I gave to the head of XPLAI, some of my creative and visual references to mix them with his. He did definitively not disappointed. He turned those ideas and added them more style and fresh, then, we continued checking all the designs and worked nonstop.

Collaborating with the head of XPLAI was one of those moments I will never forget and, I also hope to work with him again soon. The most impressive thing I found about XPLAI is the high-quality work they do. Quality is their personal brand.
The workflow between the head of XPLAI and, I was effective and natural. He definitively knows how to work alone and in a team. The results were stunning. Our client was happy and grateful. He will call us back with no doubt.

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