Santosh SN

We wanted to present to our future clients, the offerings, features, and internal functions of our company in a very precise way. XPLAI created mockups before producing and editing the videos we asked them to do. They did a selection of the best concepts, and then, they proceed with the animations.

XPLAI made a series of videos that were very adequate and unique at the same time. The final results made us feel satisfied and pleased. The videos they created for us were so incredible that they produced an increase in site traffic and social media of our company.

Hiring XPLAI was, and will always be one of the greatest investments we have made as a company. They are very organized, have the best prices, and they also are patient people. Their work is a reflection of high-quality and originality.

The videos made a better understanding of our products and made us rise as a company. Without a doubt, XPLAI did not disappoint us. They are such a responsible and excellent company that, tend to make complex works with the most easygoing and qualified people. We will definitively keep in touch with them. Stunning results.

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