Whiteboard animation helps increase web traffic.

What is Whiteboard animation?

Whiteboard animation brings hand-drawn illustrations to life on a whiteboard-like surface using markers. It is usually a combination of music, VO and SFX for more engagement.

Examples of whiteboard animation video

Why do you need a whiteboard animation?


Short attention span, or difficulty finding the right information on the website could be solved using a short whiteboard animated clip that keeps your audience engaged till the last second.


This type of videos serves best if you want your potential and existing customers to find out about you more. Therefore, follow one of the latest trends of allowing your target audience getting to know you to present your company, service or product in a new way.

Go viral

Did you know that people share videos 1,200% more often than any other media? In addition, 90% of the total information that receives your brain is visual. While you are doing the math, we are already starting on your latest whiteboard animation explainer.


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