How we created the explainer video for fraud prevention service SEON

Fraud or not: Character animation for the risk management company

Some people consider design and animation as an extremely boring, and yet very easy job, thinking of artists as snobs who sit all day on a chair, drawing stuff and getting tons of money for it. Others think that being a digital art agency is all about going crazy in the office. For instance, brainstorming some incredible ideas for reinventing the wheel, or creating Spielberg-like advertising videoclips. In reality, it’s neither. Check our video about fraud prevention below.

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How do we do it?

The art of visualization intertwines discipline and wildest ideas. They shouldn’t only look cool but also make an impact while sending the message. Being a professional design and animation studio, Xplai combines knowledge, creativity, and expertise with a fresh vision of the free spirits and young minds, who are passionate about what they do.

While communicating with our clients, we employ both effective management and a diplomatic approach. We strive to bring value by creating unique explainer videos with integrity and professionalism in this field. Xplai always finds a way to satisfy even the most demanding customer’s needs: small or large companies with general business or big deal conglomerate corporations.
No matter whether we are working on a project with roller-coaster dynamic or an extremely sleek one.

One of our latest projects reminds us of a smooth Hollywood movie ride. You know, the ones where the car goes straight into the sunset until it becomes a dot on the horizon.

About Seon explainer representation project

A client from Hungary has approached us with a need for an animation video for their business. Seon is a risk management fraud prevention service, which brings value by creating a safe environment for online businesses. Using a simple integrated solution industries save thousands of dollars and protect their business operations, finances, and data management from frauds. Therefore, working on SEON project required clear structure, rationality, and precision.

The client has reached out to us with a need for creating a representation video. We were ready to jump into the project, as the client had very clear objectives and understanding of what he wanted: an engaging high pitch explainer animation about the company services that business professionals would be interested in watching from the first second to last: simple, serious and strict.

Working in a creative environment, you kind of always expect extreme conditions, pressure, squeezing deadlines or changing everything at the very last bit of the project implementation. This is especially when it comes to a serious client. However, this case was different. Seon project went silk-smooth. Even though the client gave us only 4 weeks for completing everything from storyboard brainstorming to delivery. The CEO of the company had a very structured vision, ready script and the message of their product. Therefore, giving us a comprehensive idea of the starting point for the whole design and creative process.

Using character animation in business explainers for wow effect

Of course, you might think that financial operations or data security have nothing fun about it and in the end, it is difficult to invent something really fascinating with cartoon characters for such a serious deal. Nonetheless, nothing is impossible for Xplai. With Dmitry’s lucky idea with “worms” or “cockroaches”, as we called them on production (a representation of fraud attack), the video was already completed in our heads right at the stage of brainstorming. We caught up the common vibe and the chemistry was amazing between the three people engaged in this project.

In contrast with the current project that we are working on, where everything goes extremely slow and difficult, Seon went fast and easy, leaving the client happy about the result.

Sharing experiences

Account manager Julia mentions:

“it is always nice to work with clients who are very actively engaged in the process, provide timely feedback, give clear technical tasks.”

Our illustrator Yurii is an extremely talented artist and always has something to add to the client’s ideas. His preference for minimalism and geometry played at hand in this project while working on storyboard and illustration. He is always flexible and ready to experiment in terms of design:

“This video was supposed to be serious, and yet at the same time interesting to watch for business managers. That’s why we have integrated little worm-like pest characters that kept the idea of malware attacks and frauds. This is to emphasize the whole philosophy of Seon. From initializing to the end – the process went extremely smooth and fast. We almost didn’t notice it.”

Our animation specialist Yurii is passionate about multiple things, like innovative technology. Therefore he becomes extremely motivated by the products of our clients. This gives him a forerun in visualizing his ideas and easily implementing them in life:

“Personally, I prefer working on videos that have subjects in them, like cartoon characters. Based on personal past experience and own fantasy, I think a lot in my head. But if no ideas come through, I just start doing something. And  soon in the process the final image comes along by itself. Great storyboard and illustrations motivated me. I really liked working on this project, because I am personally into gadgets and innovative technologies. So when I see something that has real value, especially for me as a person, I get full of excitement.”

In combination with the firm management hand and creative view of the designers, the team had successfully grasped the idea and implemented it into explainer corporate video production.