XPLAI is a bulk video production company.

Some videos could be quite ordinary. Keep it simple. A mass video production can help you when you require videos for education, online training, or something similar.

Reasons to work with Xplai

years of experience developing custom software
in-house professionals at your service
annual company growth
customer satisfaction rating

Bulk prices

Amount of minutes Price per minute
05-19 $2500
20-49 $2000
50-99 $1500

Do you want to get the resources that will convey your messages into a successful business journey years long. Our team at your disposal.

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Recent work

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Allay project

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Stellar Blockchain

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Wonderful dental

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Our production office is located in Ukraine, but we successfully work with companies all over the world.
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We have expertise in these areas

  • Medicine / Pharmacy
  • Startups / IT
  • Insurance / Banking / Finance
  • Advertising / Media
  • Construction / Manufacturing / Agriculture
  • Education and Science / Tourism

Who am I for those who don’t know?

Konstantin Kanariov

Producer at XPLAI | We help USA CMOs to create videos that truly engage your customers. My contact details: [email protected] Book a meeting