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Since 1998 APT Group designs and builds for hotels, office buildings, hospitals, airport terminals, warehouses and many other facilities By using integrated technologies of video monitoring, video analytics and building management they build any type of safe environments: offices, buildings or even cities. The company is passionate about linking infrastructure and IT together for security and accessibility.

Smart Office Solutions explainer video


There was no clear vision that we could follow from the very beginning. However, the client wanted us to make a funny, creative, and smart marketing video. Our challenge was to show how the best engineering concepts became bright solutions and are bringing into life. And then, reshape all the smart technologies of building management, room management, and energy saving in accessible and exciting video content.


We decided to ask our client some guidance here. APT Group helped us to achieve our goals as they are an experienced and famous company in the engineering sphere.
However, long hours of searching the right style, polishing the details were not spent in vain. As a result, our cooperation and their consultations helped us to create something really engaging. But we managed to find a good compromise between showing the technology, functionality, and aesthetics in the video.


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