BP Driver Rewards promo video

One more promo video in our portfolio on a gas topic. But this time about the new partnership between BP (British Petroleum - a multinational oil and gas company) and the United Arab Airlines. BP has supplied the energy fueling America’s growth for over 150 years. Today, their U.S. operations provide the investment, jobs, and products underpinning both American prosperity and its transition to a lower-carbon future. BP’s strengths are in exploration and discovery, deepwater, giant fields, gas supply chains as well as a high-quality downstream business. All of this supported by leading-edge technology.


BP offers the BP Driver Rewards Service. You could choose the type of rewards you’d like to earn: Fuel Rewards or United MileagePlus award miles.
Again, like in our video for OKKO, the subject was quite serious. So we had to find a new way to catch the attention of the viewers in order not to overload them with complicated things.


Our designer was really inspired while working on illustrations for BP Driver Rewards project. A good timeline mattered a great deal. So he wasn’t in a hurry and drew each scene as detailed as possible. And when our motion design pros entered the final part of the game, the video we received and see now is smooth, with flowing lines and seamless transitions. Well done!



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