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Explainer video for Internet of Things service provider


APT Group leads the smart office solutions sector, integrating advanced Internet of Things (IoT) technology into work environments.

This integration transforms conventional offices into smart spaces, enhancing efficiency, collaboration, and sustainability with state-of-the-art IoT devices and systems.


APT Group aimed to attract investors with an animated explainer video, highlighting their leadership in the booming smart office market, projected to surpass $57 billion by 2025.

The video showcases the innovative and efficient IoT-enabled workspaces they create.


The journey began with a compelling narrative that highlighted the evolution of workspaces into smart offices, emphasizing the role of IoT technology in driving this transformation.

The script was tailored to capture the attention of investors by showcasing the potential for growth, innovation, and sustainability.

Storyboard and style tests

We created a visual storyboard to outline the explainer video’s sequence, ensuring a logical flow through smart office evolution, crucial for visualizing the concept and establishing a strong animation foundation.

Style tests helped us find the perfect visual style, balancing professionalism and engaging visuals to effectively communicate IoT smart office complexities.


With the style set, our artists created detailed illustrations that brought the script and storyboard to life.

These illustrations depicted the innovative features of smart offices, from IoT devices to interconnected workspaces, with a focus on clarity and visual appeal.


The animation phase breathed life into the illustrations, adding movement and energy to the story.

Key to this stage was the incorporation of animatics, sound effects, and voiceovers that enriched the narrative, making complex concepts easily understandable.

The animation highlighted how APT Group’s solutions optimize office environments for productivity and sustainability.

Final touches

The XPLAI team’s efforts ensured the video was polished, paying close attention to color grading, sound balancing, and seamless transitions.

The result was an engaging, informative explainer video that illustrated the transformative impact of IoT in smart offices.

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APT Group’s animated video brilliantly showcased the power of IoT smart offices, marking their territory as industry pioneers.

This wasn’t just a demonstration; it was an investor magnet, spotlighting the rich opportunities ahead.

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