BP Rewards

Promo video ad for a loyalty program offering customers savings on fuel


BP launched a loyalty program, BP Driver Rewards, offering customers savings on fuel.

This program rewards customers with cents-per-gallon discounts for purchasing BP gasoline, aiming to enhance customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Promo video 02


The goal was to create a simple, engaging 2d animated video to explain the BP Driver Rewards program.

BP sought to illustrate the ease of saving on fuel, aiming to boost program enrollment and foster a deeper connection with customers.

Promo video 01


We focused on a clear, straightforward script highlighting the program’s key benefits: savings on fuel and easy reward redemption.

Promo video 04

Visual storytelling

The animation used relatable characters and scenarios to demonstrate how customers could earn and use rewards, making the program’s advantages clear to all viewers.

Promo video 05

Engaging design

Bright colors and dynamic animations were chosen to capture attention and convey BP’s message in an inviting way.

Promo video 03

Voiceover and Music

Utilized a friendly and clear voice to guide viewers through the process, ensuring easy understanding.

Uplifting music and sound effects enhanced the engaging atmosphere, making the explanation both informative and enjoyable.

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