Video Production for Agencies – Leasing Apartments Platform


EQPT offers luxury living and workspaces, combining elite design with seamless logistics.

Their regarded team crafts spaces that are stylish, functional, and easy to enjoy, managing everything from design to delivery for a smooth client experience.

Video Production for Agencies EQPT 02


EQPT needed to convey their unique value proposition: exceptional interior design combined with seamless logistics.

An animated explainer video was identified as the ideal solution to showcase their end-to-end service, allowing clients and partners to visualize the transformative impact of EQPT’s services on spaces and experiences.

Video Production for Agencies EQPT 04

Style tests

Several tests were done to match the videos look with EQPT’s brand image.

This guaranteed that the end result would connect with their refined brand image and attract their customers.

Video Production for Agencies EQPT 01


Custom illustrations were created to demonstrate EQPT’s design philosophy, showcasing their ability to transform spaces into stunning, functional environments.

Sound effects and voiceover

To enhance the visuals we included a professional voiceover to effectively communicate EQPT’s message in an engaging manner. Additionally we carefully chose sound effects to enrich the overall viewing experience.

Video Production for Agencies EQPT 03


Bringing the storyboard to life, the animation stage included crafting smooth transitions and dynamic movements that showcased EQPT’s process from design to installation.

Video Production for Agencies EQPT 05

Final edits

The video was carefully refined with final edits to guarantee a high-quality finish, emphasizing key messages and ensuring the visual storytelling was on point.

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