7 Powerful Examples of screencast videos

Today we would like to show you some examples of screencast videos.

Introducing The Lemonade App

The easiest type of screencast video. A static phone model with an app screen recording
and a pleasant gradient background. Nothing happens on the phone, in addition
to movements inside the application.

Epay – ScreenCast Promo Video created by Semalt

This screencast video looks more dynamic due to good transitions, the use of a 3D headphone and a moving 3D camera at different angles. There is a smart animation
of the elements as well.

Flying Squirrel Promo by Semalt

Another example of a nice video, where a skilful animation of the elements and 3D space
is used without real 3D models (the creation of which requires significantly more time).

MoneYou iPad app

Here we see that the authors of the video used Apple’s real 3D iPad model to demonstrate the application.

Beauty Pro

And this is our video for the Beauty Pro app. We focused on cool animation, chose the appropriate music and used a 3D phone mockup in order to make the app demonstration striking and bright.

Sargon — Tech Explainer Animation

In this screencast video, the authors used rendered 2D elements in which they already uploaded the video with the app. Fine and pleasant color palette. The video looks sweet
and catching.

MusiXmatch for Android

A classy and vibrant video about the Musixmatch app, where users find and share lyrics.
In most videos, 2D layers are used without a 3D camera. Due to the excellent copy animation and well-chosen backgrounds, the video looks attractive.

Thanks so much for watching.

Thanks to our lead animator Dmitry Semkiv for the preparation of the list of these videos.

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