How to convert curiosity of potential customers into regulars

Paving a new pathway to an old well-known product is always a challenge.
Alongside excelling the production it is important to educate the clients on the new approach.
Exactly this task was facing Truemaker when they came to us.

Who was the client?

Trumaker is a company specially for men and their everyday needs. It’s a totally new kind of menswear brand and service for guys who care to look better but don’t care to shop. They value their customer’s time and pay close attention to personal needs. With the personal touch of Outfitters Trumaker offers high quality clothing that fits perfectly by designing a full made-to-measure and off-the-rack line.

What did the client need?

  • Explain how the service works
  • Feature unique customer value
  • Grab viewers attention from the first seconds
  • Create the video that will be viewed till the end
  • Highlight core values of the product – quality and style
  • Increase customer traction and engagement
  • Create an easy-to-follow customer guide

Who am I for those who don’t know?

Kate Piddubna

Producer at XPLAI | We help Dutch CMOs to create videos that truly engage your customers.

My contact details: [email protected]

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Our journey with clients consisted of the following stages:

  • Researching the client and learning about their needs and challenges
  • Creating a storyboard that features all the key value points of the service and guides Trumaker customer through the process
  • Developing explainer style that matches the outlook, feel and target audience of Trumaker


  • Service guide in an attractive form of stylish video
  • Engaging graphic and animation design speaking directly to the target audience which follows the philosophy of Trumaker – with respect to customers’ time and personal touch
  • Increase of conversion rate, growth of number of returning and regular customers

Final video