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Sales Videos for Shopify App


Explainer video for an app that helps e-commerce owners run their Shopify business more easily.

Sales Videos 01

React Flow allows Shopify shop owners to automate their processes giving merchants freedom, from the grind of tasks.

Sales Videos 12

The animated video we produced simplifies things, for Shopify shop owners showing them how the app can ease their workload.

Sales Videos 18

It’s engaging, clear, and demonstrates through simple steps how React Flow automates and simplifies tasks such as tracking inventory, tagging products, and communicating with customers.

Sales Videos 03
Sales Videos 10

We highlight the apps prompts and functions making it easier to automate a variety of tasks.

Sales Videos 16
Sales Videos 17

For example, owners can easily apply marketing tags, generate daily reports on low-stock items, identify high-risk orders, and send reminders about pending orders directly to the store owner.

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We conducted style tests, ensuring alignment with React Flow, and created illustrations and animations.

Sales Videos 11
Sales Videos 02
Sales Videos 13
Sales Videos 14-3

The process also included selecting the music and adding sound effects to boost the videos effectiveness.

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