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About the company

San Francisco-based startup Trumaker is entering the custom clothing market in the narrowing space between direct sales and e-commerce.

The company offers custom button-down shirts through a salesforce of full- and part-time Outfitters, emphasizing made-to-measure fit minus the hassle and guesswork of traditional retail or e-commerce.

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What we did

We developed an animated explainer video that succinctly and emotionally explains how Trumaker bridges the gap between direct sales and e-commerce.

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It focuses on their unique selling proposition of custom button-down shirts sold through Outfitters, emphasizing convenience and a made-to-measure fit.

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In our explainer video for Trumaker, we showcased their seamless process, from mobile app data collection to easy online reordering, highlighting their omni-channel retail approach.

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The video portrays Trumaker’s blend of traditional service and modern technology in providing custom and ready-to-wear clothing.

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It introduces “Outfitters,” the personal stylists who guide clients, reducing closet anxiety by ensuring perfect fit and style.

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We focused on Trumaker’s commitment to quality, thoughtful design, and fair pricing, emphasizing their unique approach in men’s fashion.


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