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Everlast, a tank truck and semi-trailer manufacturer, approached us to create an explainer video showcasing their expertise. They wanted to emphasize the quality of their products and their use of top European components.

Our team decided on an animated video approach to avoid the high costs and logistical challenges of on-site filming. We focused on illustrating Everlast’s sophisticated production process, from design to assembly, in a detailed and engaging way.


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Style tests

The guys liked the style and aesthetics of the explainer video that we made earlier for another client (also about heavy machines) and they asked us to do something similar.

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In more detail, we visually outlined each step of Everlast’s production process, from initial design concepts to final assembly stages.

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This included key moments in the creation of their tank trucks and semi-trailers, emphasizing their technical precision and engineering expertise.

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Our team crafted detailed illustrations that accurately represented the manufacturing stages of Everlast’s vehicles.

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These illustrations depicted the intricacies of tanker construction, component assembly, and the overall build process, bringing clarity to the complex production methods.

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We then brought these illustrations to life through animation, effectively demonstrating the assembly process and unique features of Everlast’s vehicles.

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This included animated sequences showing the construction of the tank, the integration of components, and the final assembly, providing a dynamic, visual understanding of Everlast’s manufacturing excellence.

Animated video vs real shot video

Opting for an animated video was a smart move for our client in the heavy machinery industry.

This choice avoided the high costs and logistical challenges of filming on-site with large equipment.

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Animated videos allow for effective communication of the message through creative storytelling, all without the need for coordinating a big crew and machinery.

This approach not only saved time and resources but also shifted the focus to creativity, simplifying the production process significantly.

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XPLAI team

Yuri Nesterchuk, Dmitry Vikmes, Julia Tkachuk, Dasha Buhiel, Gera San, Yelizar Tretiak

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What we did

Storyboard > Style tests > Character design > Illustration > Animation > 3d modeling > Animation > Music > Sound FX

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