A Branded Video for Italian Coffee Machines Producer

The client

Carimali is an Italian brand and producer
of coffee machines.

Now they want to launch a new coffee machine under a new sub-brand, that would be more hipsterish, modern, and millennial.

These machines would be based on induction technology and in different colors.

Branded Video 01-1

The goal

To attract a millennial group of people to a new coffee machine.

Branded Video 03

Usually, coffee brands base their communication on luxury and premium images.

Branded Video 13

Their goal was to create something closer to the user: personal, with a lot of storytelling. So we designed a storyboard that animated the script outlining the progression of the video with a touch and a focus, on storytelling.

Our goal was to craft an experience that deeply connects with the viewer pulling them into the story and enhancing its relatability and engagement. By selecting visuals and incorporating narrative elements we aimed to capture the audiences attention in every frame of the video creating a bond and sense of involvement that lasts throughout their viewing journey.

Branded Video 04-1
Branded Video 02-1


After looking over the storyboard, the client picked a scene that featured characters, which is something we often suggest. Based on this, our team created two style options.

color photo black and white

Client wishes

“We would love to have an inside story of how the machine works, in a funny, cartoonish way.”

Branded Video 07-1

What we did

Together with Studio Pigeon, we decided to show the client’s company and product as new, fresh, and not so strongly connected with the Italian heritage and tradition as the other manufacturers and companies
in the old style.

Branded Video 08-1


We produced an engaging video with a touch presenting a simplified explanation of the coffee machines operation and its unique features. The video follows the path of water transforming into a cup of coffee starting from a perspective and gradually delving into its inner workings.

Branded Video 09-1

Second video

Carimali loved our first video for their Heylo coffee machines so much that they asked us to make another one.

Branded Video 12-1

We jumped right in and made another video carrying on the interactive approach, from the initial one.

Take a look at the video, on Vimeo.

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