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Video for mobile apps uses advanced speech recognition

Video for mobile apps – Rio Transcribe

A video was made for the mobile apps of our client Rio Transcribe. Transcribe offers assistance to the deaf and hearing impaired through its real time captioning feature promoting inclusivity in communication.

With the speech recognition technology Transcribe empowers users of all backgrounds to communicate effectively.

Its real time captioning functionality plays a role in supporting individuals with hearing impairments guaranteeing inclusivity, in communication processes.

Video for mobile apps 01


Our objective was to develop a video to boost the apps visibility, on the App Store.
Furthermore we played a role in enhancing the apps design crafting videos within the app and engaging in activities to bolster marketing endeavors, on the App Store.

Video for mobile apps 02

Script and storyboard

The video project started with a thought out script detailing the special features of the app highlighting how it promotes inclusivity and its practicality in both professional and academic environments.

Video for mobile apps 03

The storyboard showed situations where the app was used like a person ordering coffee and a student taking notes, in class to highlight its various uses.

Video for mobile apps 04

Style tests and illustrations

Style tests were conducted to ensure the visual elements of the video resonated with a broad audience, emphasizing accessibility and ease of use.

Video for mobile apps 05

The illustrations showed a user-friendly interface with a variety of user situations highlighting the apps flexibility and its ability to adjust to speech styles.

Video for mobile apps 06


The animation process breathed life into the storyboard, depicting live captioning in various dynamic and ordinary scenarios.

Essential steps such as creating the animatic, adding sound effects and incorporating voiceovers were seamlessly woven together to emphasize the app’s features and the technology driving it.

Video for mobile apps 07

The animated video highlighted the process of using the Transcribe app showcasing instant captioning, for social interactions and efficient transcription of meetings and lectures.

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The project has received acclaim and recognition on Behance, with users praising its design, creativity, and meticulous attention to detail. Check it out here:

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