Karma Solar

Renewable energy explainer video


Karma Solar is a manufacturer of innovative micro-grid solar energy solutions.


To craft an engaging animated explainer video that not only showcases their innovative solar solutions but also highlights their commitment to social upliftment and environmental sustainability.

By turning to animated storytelling, Karma Solar aimed to vividly illustrate how their technology changes lives, inviting viewers to be part of a movement towards a brighter, more sustainable future.


The project kicked off with scriptwriting, where the focus was on weaving Karma Solar’s mission, technology, and impact into a compelling narrative.

This step involved close collaboration with Karma Solar to ensure accuracy and to encapsulate the essence of their vision and the global significance of their work.


Next, the storyboard phase translated the script into a visual blueprint.

Each frame was carefully designed to reflect Karma Solar’s innovative solutions and the tangible benefits they bring to underserved communities, ensuring a seamless flow of storytelling.

Finding the visual voice

Style tests were then conducted to determine the aesthetic direction of the video.

This involved experimenting with different animation styles to best convey the warmth, innovation, and transformative power of Karma Solar’s projects, settling on a style that resonated with their identity and mission.

Crafting the scenes

The illustration phase brought the storyboard to life with detailed scenes and characters.

The visuals aimed to represent the diverse communities Karma Solar serves, emphasizing inclusivity and the universal relevance of their solutions.

The magic touch

Animation infused the illustrations with movement and energy, turning static scenes into a dynamic story.

This stage included the integration of animatics, sound effects, and voiceovers, enhancing the narrative’s emotional depth and engagement factor.

The animation process meticulously captured the essence of Karma Solar’s work, illustrating the transformation of communities empowered by sustainable energy.


The final video showcases Karma Solar’s impact on energy solutions and community empowerment, educating and inviting viewers to join their mission.

It bridges technology and human stories, inspiring sustainable action.

Check out how the video we created integrates seamlessly with the client’s website design: karma-solar.com

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