SEON Intelligence Tool product video

SEON works in the fraud prevention industry, with its own fraud API, developed for companies in high-risk verticals. It offers end-to-end fraud prevention and detection tools for businesses. We had a nice experience of cooperation with SEON earlier so we were happy to have the opportunity to work with them once again. And to create a product video for them.


We had to create 2 short videos about different products, SEON Sense and SEON Intelligence tool, explaining how they work, so prospects can understand them better. 
SEON Intelligence tool helps you to analyze users’ IP address, phone number, device type, or email. And get in-depth metadata with their social media lookup, domain info, data breach checks, etc. So we were to show all these features within 30 sec.


We tried to keep a super simple, minimalistic style of illustrations in order to match the video series for SEON. Besides, we thought that this style conveyed a conception of the video in the best way, while seamless animation highlighted the product features.
So everything went extremely smooth as usual. They were really happy with the final video, and told us it was a great job. It’s a true pleasure working with such clients like SEON.

Explainer video