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Tenderd is a company that utilizes AI technology to convert equipment data into insights with the goal of cutting costs, increasing efficiency and reducing emissions, in different sectors.

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Exploring Toyota’s efforts to balance performance with sustainability we examined the technologies, behind their hybrid and electric vehicles.

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Style exploration

We experimented with various styles to best convey the futuristic yet approachable nature of Tenderd’s technology.

As a result, the chosen style aimed to balance technical sophistication with accessibility, ensuring that the target audience could easily grasp the presented concepts in our promo video.

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Custom illustrations depicted diverse industries using Tenderd’s platform, while highlighting features like real-time analytics, predictive maintenance, and carbon footprint reduction.

Additionally, we crafted these visuals to align with the brand’s color scheme and aesthetic, thereby reinforcing brand recognition.

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Voiceover and sound design

Selecting a voice that resonated with Tenderd’s brand identity was crucial. Ultimately, the chosen voiceover delivered the script with clarity and confidence. Moreover, the soundscape complemented the visual journey of innovation and efficiency.

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Various custom illustrations showcased sectors utilizing Tenderd’s platform, highlighting features like real-time analytics, predictive maintenance, and carbon footprint reduction. Additionally, these images were designed to match the brand’s color palette and style, thus strengthening brand familiarity.

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Final animation

Bringing the story to life, the animation phase meticulously animated each scene to demonstrate how Tenderd’s AI-driven platform empowers businesses to make data-driven decisions, reduce environmental impact, and optimize operations.

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Yuri Nesterchuk, Dmitry Vikmes, Julia Tkachuk, Dasha Buhiel, Gera San, Yelizar Tretiak

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