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New Real Estate Digital Agency


Reibar Marketing, a agency based in Nashville specializes in enhancing the online presence of real estate firms globally.
They sought to create a brief, visually engaging video demonstrating the advantages of SEO, for these businesses.

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Reibar Marketing requested a video style closely resembling that of Opendoor providing a goal for the project.

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Upon reviewing the storyboard the client selected a scene showcasing characters, which aligns with our recommendations.

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Our team developed two styles; one that was vibrant and uncomplicated and another that incorporated the clients brand colors as its base.

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The creative process

After looking over the storyboard, the client selected a scene showcasing characters, an idea we frequently recommend.

color photo black and white


After finalizing the design approval we promptly proceeded to outline the remaining scenes. Within a week we had all of them ready.

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Final touches

Collaborating closely with the customer we selected the background music, recorded the voiceover and included sound effects to finalize everything.

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We were extremely pleased with how it turned out.

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Client feedback

“We love our video! The Xplai team did an amazing job. Their work is awesome, and I’d definitely recommend them.”

Matt O’Connor
Reibar Marketing

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