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Jivochat approached us with a clear goal – to increase the inbound signup conversion rate on their landing page.

They believed an animated explainer video could be the key to unlocking this growth, and they entrusted us with the challenge.


Our mission was to create an engaging animated explainer video that not only highlighted Jivochat’s unique value proposition but also resonated with their target audience, thereby enhancing lead conversion to customers and improving the overall customer service experience across chat, phone, and email.

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About client

Jivochat is more than just a business messenger; it’s a comprehensive solution designed to transform leads into loyal customers while ensuring the highest standards of customer service.

Whether through chat, on the call, or via email, Jivochat’s main goals are to streamline communication and provide seamless support.

In tackling Jivochat’s challenge, our team dedicated four weeks to craft an animated explainer video from start to finish.

We kicked off by immersing ourselves in Jivochat’s platform, gaining a deep understanding of its features and benefits.

This insight helped us develop a narrative that perfectly captured Jivochat’s core.

We then moved on to scriptwriting and storyboarding, focusing on a narrative that highlighted Jivochat’s omnichannel capabilities and commitment to customer service.

Our animators brought this vision to life with dynamic visuals and animations that matched Jivochat’s brand, while professional voiceovers and sound design added the final touches, making the video both informative and engaging.


After four weeks of dedicated work, the explainer video was ready and launched on Jivochat’s landing page.

The video has since become a crucial asset for Jivochat, significantly contributing to an increase in inbound signups.

This project exemplifies how a well-crafted animated explainer video can significantly enhance a company’s digital presence and conversion rates.

By closely collaborating with Jivochat and understanding their core values and goals, we were able to deliver a product that not only met but exceeded their expectations, marking another successful project in our portfolio.

Client feedback

“XPLAI was able to finish the video on time and is now posted on the client’s marketplace pages. The team provided nice and smooth communication throughout the process. Our internal team was satisfied with the output”

Igor Shekotikhin

Head of International Growth, JivoChat

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