Animated Promo Video for Android Ad Blocker


AWAX develops advanced tech solutions for a better mobile experience, focusing on an ad-blocking app for Android.

Through this application users can seamlessly engage with games, applications and websites, from advertisements resulting in a more secure and overall more pleasant browsing experience while safeguarding their privacy.

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AWAX sought to boost its visibility and attract more users by showcasing their ad-blocking app’s advantages through an animated video featuring characters and emotions.

To showcase the app’s benefits for browsing, we highlighted faster loading times, data savings, improved privacy, and a smoother user experience. Additionally, we incorporated relatable characters to evoke emotions and establish a connection with the audience.

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Our storyboard brought the script to life, mapping out the journey of characters overcoming obstacles with AWAX.

We focused on emotional beats and key moments to ensure the narrative was engaging and visually compelling with sketches to shape the overall visual style of the video.

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We created detailed illustrations for each scene, featuring vibrant, eye-catching characters and settings.
The goal was to create designs that’re both straightforward and emotive effectively conveying the feelings of the characters and highlighting the apps advantages.

Animated promo video 04

Sound effects and voiceover

We included a voiceover artist to narrate the advantages of the software choosing a tone that resonated with the characters emotional development.

We meticulously selected sound effects to accompany the storytelling enriching the emotional intensity of the narrative without overshadowing the main message.

Animated promo video 05


During this stage the characters were animated to breathe life into their stories showcasing their reactions and how AWAXs software can bring about transformation.

The animation focused on the emotional arc, from annoyance to relief and happiness, highlighting the app’s impact.

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