Brand Video for a new ecommerce startup

About is a startup that allows you to test out clothing, from retailers such, as Zara and Bloomingdales before making a purchase with no need to pay first.

Brand Video 01


Our task was to produce a captivating video showcasing the way transforms online shopping by enabling customers to test products before making a purchase, removing any uncertainty.

Our aim was to generate enthusiasm among viewers for this innovative shopping experience.

Brand Video 02

Script and storyboard

The process of creation started with a script outlining service offering.

Brand Video 04

The storyboarding process translated the storyline into a series illustrating a customers path from browsing to trying on clothes at home demonstrating the simplicity and convenience of

Brand Video 05
Brand Video 06
Brand Video 07
Brand Video 08-1

Style tests and illustrations

Style tests were carried out to find a style that effectively showcases Try.coms user friendly service.

Brand Video 09

The selected design was lively and easy to connect with illustrations showing a variety of customers enjoying the platform highlighting the appeal and user friendliness of the service.

Brand Video 10


The animation phase brought the story to life, visually demonstrating how users can choose clothing online, receive them at home, try them on and decide what to keep or return.

Brand Video 15

The animation included detailed depictions of the try-on process, the decision-making period, and the convenience of returns. It featured animations, sound effects, and voiceovers that added depth to the story and made it more engaging for viewers.

Brand Video 12


The animated explainer video successfully presented as a major innovation in online shopping. It clearly detailed how is revolutionizing the industry encouraging everyone everyone to try the future of retail.

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