Innovative Explainer Video for a Foodtech Startup

About the company

Farmshelf, a foodtech startup based in San Francisco aims to innovate the field of agriculture.
They provide hydroponic systems that allow individuals and organizations to cultivate herbs and vegetables indoors.
These systems come equipped with all the essentials, for farming such, as seeds, nutrients and LED lights.

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What we did

We produced a video showcasing Farmshelf’s expansion into the consumer market. The video illustrates their home farming system’s functionality, including automated plant care and a mobile app for monitoring.

Additionally, it focuses on simplifying the process of cultivating food at home, highlighting how Farmshelf’s innovative technology revolutionizes home gardening and food consumption.

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Animated marketing materials are crucial for a young startup’s recognition in a competitive, information-rich market.

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For Farmshelf, animation effectively conveys their novel concept, setting them apart in ag-tech. It visually showcases indoor farming systems, highlighting easy home and commercial produce growth. Additionally, it illustrates benefits like space efficiency, sustainability, and accessibility.

This dynamic approach not only captures attention but also communicates the revolution in urban agriculture. Consequently, the animated explainer video helps Farmshelf establish a strong presence in the market.

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Animated explainer videos can

Break down complex ideas into digestible content, essential for innovative products like Farmshelf’s indoor farming units.

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Capture audience attention in a visually saturated market, especially important for a unique product entering consumer spaces.

Enhance brand recall through creative and engaging storytelling, a key factor for startups like Farmshelf aiming to transition from a niche to a mainstream audience.

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Offer cost-effective marketing solutions, crucial for startups with limited budgets.


At XPLAI we specialize in creating explainer video that breathe life into startup stories.

Regardless of whether you operate in ag-tech, foodtech or any other sector our goal is to assist you in engaging with your target audience.

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