Commercial Video for Real Estate Company in Dubai


We just finished a project, for Meisan, a real estate development company in Dubai focusing on highlighting their AI operating system and its beneficial effects, on the community and the environment.

In this report I’ll walk you through the steps we took to develop this project. How we successfully produced an explainer video that matched the clients requirements.

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The project began with a close collaboration with Meisan to understand their vision and the message they wanted to convey in the video.

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Based on our discussions, we crafted a script that detailed Meisan’s mission, their approach to real estate development, and how their AI-driven operating system could benefit society and the environment.

Additionally, the client provided essential photo references that we utilized in creating the illustrations.

Commercial Video 14


Once the script was completed we moved on to creating the storyboard.

We crafted a storyboard that brought the script to life mapping out the videos flow sequence.

color photo black and white


The next phase involved creating the illustrations for the video.

We designed illustrations that matched Meisans brand identity and successfully communicated their message.

Commercial Video 08


After approoving the illustrations we moved forward with recording the voiceover for the video.

We engaged a professional voiceover artist who presented the script in a concise and captivating way.

Commercial Video 10


The animation phase brought the illustrations to life.

We combined 2D and 3D animation techniques to create a captivating video that effectively conveyed Meisans message.

Meisan had the opportunity to review and give approval, for the animation before we proceeded to the final phase.

Sound FX

In the final stage we included sound effects, in the video.

We chose sound effects that matched the visuals and boosted the videos overall effect.

Meisan approved the sound effects before we completed the video.

Commercial Video 25

In summary collaborating on the Meisan project was truly exciting and rewarding for our team.

We succeeded in creating an explainer video that effectively communicated Meisans vision and showcased their innovative approach to real estate development.

Meeting the deadline to create the video in just four weeks felt challenging but we put in a lot of effort and successfully completed it in time, for their brand launch.

Commercial Video 16

Client Feedback

“It’s incredible! Thank you much for your effort, commitment and valuable input that truly made this project a success. I’m excited, about the opportunity to collaborate with you again in the future.”

Best regards,
Hani Adnan
Chief Business Officer

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