Toyota’s Electrification Strategy:
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The client

Toyota USA reached out to us for assistance, in developing an animated promotional video advertisement showcasing their strategy for hybrid and electric vehicles.

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The goal

Our team focused on weaving emotion and brand values into every frame, carefully designing each scene to resonate deeply with the viewers.

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We crafted a script, storyboard, and animatic to visually and narratively convey Toyota’s green technology advancements.

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After conducting style tests to align with Toyotas brand we created illustrations and animations to showcase their lineup of eco-friendly cars.

As part of the process we carefully chose music. Incorporated sound effects to elevate the videos effectiveness.

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Here, at XPLAI our focus is on crafting videos that go beyond simply showcasing a product.

These videos establish connections, between people and brands.

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Toyotas passion, for eco-friendly vehicles inspired us to craft a narrative that resonates with everyone.

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Our goal was to ensure that people truly understand the values that Toyota represents.

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We used animation to paint a picture of a world where cool innovative tech and nature work together, creating a concept that resonates with viewers on a level.

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Creating videos is what we do best.

Not to inform, but also to inspire and build connections.

Let’s animate your story!

At XPLAI we excel in producing stories that go beyond displaying products; they establish emotional connections.

We delve into the core values of your brand as we did with Toyota to shape a story that connects with your viewers.

Are you prepared to turn your narrative into a captivating animation? Lets work together and breathe life into your ideas.

Contact XPLAI today. Lets animate your story!

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