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Chainstack leads in blockchain services, making it easier for businesses and developers to create, manage, and grow their blockchain applications.

It’s known for making blockchain user-friendly for various industries.


They reached out to us for explainer videos to show how their platform simplifies blockchain development, highlighting its ability to manage billions of API requests daily and ensure 99.99% uptime with top security.

Style tests and Illustrations

Next, we conducted style tests to determine the visual approach that best represented Chainstack’s brand and the technical sophistication of their platform.

This led to the creation of custom illustrations that highlighted Chainstack’s features, such as its multi-chain compatibility, elastic nodes, and dedicated nodes.


The animation process brought the illustrations to life, showcasing Chainstack’s dynamic ecosystem and the seamless experience it offers developers and businesses.

We incorporated motion graphics to depict the scalability, reliability, and security of Chainstack’s infrastructure.

The animatic, sound effects, and voiceover were integrated to ensure a cohesive and engaging narrative.

Final touches

The final video was polished with sound design to enhance the viewing experience, ensuring that the message of Chainstack’s revolutionary platform was delivered clearly and memorably.

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Chainstack’s video effectively showcases their blockchain solutions, helping clients see how they can ease blockchain app development.

Let’s create an explainer video to highlight what makes your project stand out!

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