Creating Nonprofit Video – Animation for the NPO Hopeland


Hopeland – is a non-profit organization dedicated to creating a world where every child grows up
in a safe, loving family.

The challenge was to develop a video that went beyond being a simple explainer and instead evoked emotions, allowing viewers to connect with the organization’s mission.

Creating the video posed a challenge. It needed to be more, than an explanatory piece; it should stir emotions and enable the audience to resonate with the mission of the organization.

Nonprofit Video 03


The guys really appreciated the look and feel of the explainer video we created previously for another client, which was also about heavy machinery. They requested us to create something along those lines.

Nonprofit Video 04

It served as a a guide for the upcoming animation process.

color photo black and white


We developed four mood boards to discover the ideal style direction.

Nonprofit Video 05

After careful consideration, the client selected moodboard #3, which featured realistic faces that aligned with the envisioned style for the video.

This decision allowed us to move forward confidently.

Nonprofit Video 02


We decided to enhance the impact by segmenting the scenes into various color palettes: portraying negativity, neutrality and positivity.

Nonprofit Video 06

Voice Over

We quickly chose a narrator, who could breathe life into the script.

During the animation process the voice over was instrumental, in helping us set the timing and tone effectively.

Capturing the right emotions and effectively delivering the message were key aspects.

Nonprofit Video 10


With the script, storyboard, and voice-over in hand, we began animating the video.

This was where our creativity and expertise truly came into play.

We put in a lot of effort to create a video that evokes emotions featuring scenes that vary from futuristic and business focused to portraying feelings of solitude, challenges and ultimately ending with warmth, affection and joy.

We wanted to produce a video that would really connect with the viewers and make an impression.

Nonprofit Video 11

Client Feedback

“I want to sincerely say thank you for creating such a stunning and emotional video. For the first time people are seeing a video of our work and they are beginning to deeply understand what it is that we do and how we are finding solutions for vulnerable children worldwide.

The feedback has been excellent and everyone was impressed. Personally I love seeing the bridge animation, it is so clean and smooth and the 3D elements were so impressive also.
You and the XPLAI team really made our vision come to life
and we deeply thank you!”

Joshua Soto
Operations Manager at Hopeland

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