Scalable Foods

Marketing video for animal-free food tech startup


Scalable Foods is an innovative startup making food without using any animal ingredients.

Their main focus is on promoting sustainability and showing compassion towards animals by developing innovative food choices that benefit the environment and do not cause harm to animals.

Marketing video for scalable foods 1

Simple videos for a Big Idea

Scalable Foods keen on spreading their vision to a wider audience by creating concise and easy to understand videos in collaboration, with us.

These videos show how saving cows and caring for the environment can change food for the better.

Their goal is to demonstrate how their products benefit both the planet and animals urging individuals to opt for food choices.

Marketing video for scalable foods 2


We started by working closely with Scalable Foods to create a script that effectively communicated their vision and the importance of their efforts.

The story focused on the rescued cows journey and highlighted the beneficial environmental effects of Scalable Foods advancements, establishing a compelling mix of emotions and information for the video.

Marketing video for scalable foods 3


Using the script as our roadmap we developed storyboards to bring the animations sequence to life.

During this phase we had the opportunity to brainstorm methods, for conveying concepts like the biotechnological procedure used to produce dairy products without animals in a way that is easy to understand and captivating.

Marketing video for scalable foods 4

Style tests

Before finalizing the visual approach, we conducted style tests to determine the most effective animation style for conveying Scalable Foods’ message.

This included experimenting with different color palettes, character designs, and environments to best reflect the brand’s values and appeal to their target audience.

Marketing video for scalable foods 5


Once the style was set, our team of illustrators began creating the individual assets for the video.

This involved creating characters that represented rescued cows in a sympathetic light and environments that highlighted the ecological benefits of Scalable Foods’ products.

Marketing video for scalable foods 6


Our animators brought the illustrations to life by creating captivating animations that showcase the production of plant based food alternatives without using animals.

This stage also included the integration of animatics, sound effects, and voiceovers to enrich the storytelling experience and highlight the innovative nature of Scalable Foods’ work.

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