Explainer Video: Climate Change Awareness Animation


Thinkfarm, an AI consulting firm, tackles modern challenges.

Their recent project focuses on cutting down methane emissions from cattle, which play a role, in climate change through improving livestock farming methods.

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Thinkfarm aimed to showcase their solution for cutting cattle methane emissions through an animated video.

They highlighted the urgency of climate solutions. Their tech promotes sustainable farming by optimizing cattle feed. This reduces methane without impacting animal well-being or farm productivity.

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The first stage involved crafting a script that clearly outlined the problem of methane emissions from cattle and introduced Thinkfarm’s innovative solution.

The focus was, on ensuring that the information was easy to understand and interesting, for a range of readers.

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Next, a storyboard was developed to visually plan out the explainer video.

This step involved deciding on the visual flow and how each scene would transition to the next, ensuring the story was compelling and easy to follow.

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Style tests

Before proceeding with full-scale production, we conducted several style tests. As a result, these tests helped determine the visual aesthetics that best suited the video’s tone and message. Additionally, we focused on making complex information visually appealing.

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The team then proceeded to craft drawings that aligned with the selected aesthetic. As a result these visual representations became the cornerstone of the video vividly animating the script and storyboard.

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With illustrations complete, the animation process began.

This step included creating the animatic, adding motion to the illustrations, and integrating sound effects and voiceover to enhance the storytelling.

The animation aimed to captivate viewers while clearly conveying Thinkfarm’s message.

explainer video 10

Sound effects and voiceover

The final touches to the animation involved adding sound effects for engagement and a professional voiceover to narrate the script.

This combination helped to emphasize key points and make the content more memorable.

Ready to animate your story?

Thinkfarms initiative showcases how motion design can animate critical environmental solutions effectively.

If you’re looking to explain your innovative ideas in a way that resonates with audiences and drives change, let’s work together to create an explainer video that can make a difference.

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