MIDAS” is a game-changing musical instrument design, which makes playing music more natural and fun. Therefore playing music just comes naturally to the users even if they do not have any experience.


Here we faced a lot of challenges:
Firstly – one of the important conditions from our client was the basic knowledge of music theory. Hopefully, our motion designer had such skills.
Secondly – this instrument is Really unique – an industrial designer created it. That’s why we needed to find everything about MIDAS in order to understand how it works, explain its essential functions as well as the playing process to the audience.
Thirdly – 11 hours time difference. While working with clients from different countries and continents is an exciting thing, sometimes it could be quite challenging. But we closely cooperated with our client on each stage, tried to adjust our working hours to deliver the outstanding result.


It seemed that we used almost all our potential, expended a big deal of team efforts – but it was worth it!
We created MIDAS – a 3D video that showed an evolutionary way of playing music.
It was an incredible experience! And we are very happy to help such talented inventors to spread their interesting and innovative ideas. Among people. All over the world.

Explainer video

MIDAS musical instrument

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