Character-driven 2d explainer video for food tech startup


Gobble is a startup that prepares farm-fresh, 10-minute gourmet dinner kits with 3-step instructions, delivered to your door.

It was started by Ooshma Garg, who found herself struggling to eat well while running a startup and studying at Stanford.


Gobble approached our team seeking expertise in crafting an explainer video that would showcase the simplicity, efficiency, and benefits of their meal kit service.

They wanted a video that could clearly communicate Gobble’s key advantage: nutritious, easy-to-prepare meals that offer a perfect blend of convenience and the joy of home cooking, aimed at attracting busy families and professionals looking for quick yet high-quality dining solutions.


The process began with crafting a script that empathetically addressed the target audience’s pain points—lack of time for meal preparation, desire for nutritious meals, and the yearning for home-cooked food.

The script positioned Gobble as the ideal solution, emphasizing its ease of use, quick preparation time, and healthy ingredients.

Style tests

To determine the visual approach, several style tests were conducted.

These tests helped in selecting the right color schemes, character designs, and environments that would appeal to Gobble’s target demographic, ensuring the video would be both engaging and reflective of the brand’s identity.


With the style set, detailed illustrations were created for each scene.

The focus was on depicting relatable scenarios that showcased the simplicity and convenience of using Gobble, from selecting meals to the joy of cooking and sharing them with loved ones.


The animation phase brought the illustrations to life, with careful attention to creating smooth transitions between scenes and adding dynamic elements to highlight Gobble’s service features.

Animatics, sound effects, and voiceover were integrated to enhance the narrative and engage viewers emotionally, making the value proposition of Gobble undeniable.

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