Startup Video for the Brooklyn Food Incubator


Pilotworks is an innovative startup that offers flexible kitchen spaces, full service solutions, educational programs, and a dynamic community.

Startup Video 1


The objective was to produce explainer video that focuses on characters that effectively demonstrates their role as a culinary incubator, making the food industry more accessible.

Startup Video 2

The goal was to highlight how Pilotworks serves as a comprehensive resource for food startups, assisting a wide range of culinary entrepreneurs in launching and scaling their businesses effortlessly and efficiently.

Startup Video 3


We started with a compelling narrative that showcases Pilotworks mission to support real food businesses, addressing the core challenges entrepreneurs face – space, regulatory requirements and expansion opportunities.

Startup Video 4


The storyboard vividly depicted the experiences of individuals, in the food industry ranging from newcomers to aspiring entrepreneurs seeking growth highlighting Pilotworks extensive assistance network.

Startup Video 5

Style tests

Our style tests explored a range of visual aesthetics to perfectly capture the essence of the culinary incubator, ensuring the video would connect with a wide audience.

Startup Video 6


We designed drawings showcasing the varied group of individuals at Pilotworks ranging from coffee roasters to caterers emphasizing the inclusive atmosphere and support provided.

Startup Video 7


During the animation process we focused on bringing a sense of flow to the story by paying attention to animatics, sound effects and voiceovers to enrich the narrative.

We highlighted Pilotworks kitchen areas, mentorship initiatives and the vibrant community they have built.

Startup Video 8


The explainer video beautifully encapsulated the heart of Pilotworks and its crucial role in empowering aspiring food entrepreneurs.

By showcasing their range of resources and diverse community it effectively presented success stories and advantages inspiring viewers to embark on their culinary ventures with the support of Pilotworks.

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