Video for a real estate digital agency Reibar

Reibar Marketing is a Nashville based company that works with real estate companies worldwide to improve their online presence. They are constantly working on improving their processes and making the digital marketing process as smooth as possible.


Our main challenge here was to present the main mission of Reibar. That is, to provide real estate investors with innovative digital marketing strategies that will make a substantial difference in growing their online presence and connecting with their future clients.


IWe started our work as usual and created a ready-made storyboard based on the script we received from our client a few days earlier. Then we took the colours from the Reibar’s brandbook, and prepared 2 style-tests.
We experimented with the colour schemes and came up with a solution that both the client and our art director were happy with. Within a week everything was ready! After the style was approved, we started preparing the rest of the scenes. Together with the client, we chose the background music, recorded the VO, and the last but not least, added sound effects. We liked the final result and our client was truly amazed and happy with the video, too.

Explainer video