Trumaker is a company specially for men and their everyday needs. It's a totally new kind of menswear brand and service for guys who care to look better but don't care to shop.


At all times men are facing two big complaints about shopping: fit and limited time. Trumaker combines old-world personal service with today’s technology. That is to say, everything for you in order to build high-quality custom and in-stock clothing.
However, our challenge was to show this remarkable quality of clothing combined with an exceptional style.


It wasn’t that easy to present everything in the video. Firstly, a good design that serves a higher purpose; secondly, clothing that should be simple, and many other important aspects. In other words, they all meet only one goal – to simplify the men’s everyday hassle. This brand symbolizes the quality and style over the decades, for sure.
That’s why the details don’t just matter for them, they’re everything! Moreover, we spent hours searching for the ideal style, combining with the creation of top-notch illustrations.
Sometimes it takes a lot of time to create something perfect. But the result was worth it – a video ready to conquer the whole world!
We did our best to present how real men dress today. Most importantly, we wanted to give them some certainty that what they’re wearing is stylish, timeless, and of high quality.

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